Beginner One-on-One

Are you ready to slay?

BEGINNER ONE-ON-ONE is ideal for the everyday lady.

With my training I will help you tweak and master your ideal look. I will guide you through my favourite tricks and techniques, through every step of your makeup application. Together we will create magic that you will be able to re-create easily all on your own. This is an investment that will last you a life time, you will be able to slay at anytime of the day.





Are you ready to slay?

ADVANCED ONE ON ONE is ideal for an MUA.

With my training I will give you my favourite techniques that I use on my clients daily. We will go through skin-prep, complexion, eyeshadow for different eye shapes, contouring & highlight and every thing in-between. You will be able to transition a natural glam look into a dramatic glam look with just a few simple steps. This is a great investment for any makeup lover or makeup artist looking to invest in their craft.